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TUFF Dirt Multi-Purpose Cleaner

TuffDIRT is an effective product for the fast removal of dirt, grease, oil, grime, and even paint. The product is made from ingredients commonly used in food preparation and water treatment. It is an all-new formula developed for cleaning, is non-toxic, has no harsh industrial chemicals and is gentle on the skin. Learn more.

TUFF Dirt Multi-Purpose Cleaner

TUFF Grease

Tuff Grease is formulated to effectively remove grease on car, truck & heavy equipment engines. It is highly concentrated, water-based, non-flammable and hydrocarbon-free solution. Learn more.

TUFF Grease


Tuff Rust is a water-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable rust remover. Proven to be safe and effective. Learn more.


TUFF Graffiti

Tuff Graffiti is a non-flammable, water & solvent based solution to effectively remove graffiti from all types of porous and non-porous surface. Learn more.

TUFF Graffiti


P380. per 1000ml


P250. per 500ml


P250. per 1000ml


P400. per 500ml

What People Are Saying.

  • I used to have a problem with grime on our sink. They're so hard to remove. I've tried some other solutions but they don't get the cleaning done. But when I tried TUFFDirt, our sink became clean...like it's new again! Thanks TuffDirt!

    Ms. Gizelle Bendana for TuffDirt
  • Nahirapan kami dati linisin yung mga vandalism ng mga kids sa bakod namin sa Bulacan. Then, we were introduced to Tuff Graffiti. That's what we used to really clean our wall. Ngayon, malinis na ulit, walang kahirap-hirap!

    Ms. Bianca Rose Apsay for Tuff Graffiti

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